The war in Libya. “Europe Air” and “Ukraine-Aeroalliance Airlines” who carried weapons more and where ?!

As a result of shelling from a Turkish-made UAV Bayraktar TB2 at Al-Jufra airbase on July 26, two transport Il-76TDs (UR-CMC and UR-CRP) of the Ukrainian airline Europa Air were destroyed in Libya.  According to the documents, the planes flew Abu Dhabi (UAE) – Labrak (Libya).

Already on the night of August 5 and 6, at the airport of Misurata, the forces of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Haftar, shots from China-made Wing Loong drones shot the IL-76TD, Skyaviatrans, which is also associated with Ukraine.

 As a result, the activity of Ukrainian airlines in the conflict zone of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in June received a request from a group of experts of the UN Security Council on 05/30/2019 S / AC.52 / 2019 / PE / OC.145 and from 11/06/2019 S / AC.52 / 2019 / PE  / OC.178 regarding the implementation of the Ukraine-Aeroalliance Airlines flight from Ankara (Turkey) to Misurata (Libya) for the transportation of weapons and ammunition for the military forces of the Libyan Government of National Accord. Flights were carried out by An-12BK aircraft (UR-CNT  ) from May 30, 2019 to June 3, 2019 of An-12BK (UR-CAH) and An-12 (UR-CGW) aircraft registered in Ukraine  .

Periodically, Ukrainian airlines made statements that they were transporting humanitarian supplies.  True, the fact that cargo delivery airports were in the combat zone and that airplanes often turned off special navigation signals indicates only the systemic operation of Ukrainian air carriers to deliver weapons and ammunition to both sides of the conflict.

 In particular, the International Red Cross (MKK) has denied information about the presence of its cargo on Ukrainian aircraft.  MKK media relations specialist Alexander Vlasenko said: “I can only say one thing: the information that this plane was carrying our cargo is not true.  Our cargo was not on board. ”

Earlier, the Libyan publication from Al Marsad, which is located in Tripoli, published a detailed report on the supply of arms to the country by Ukrainian private companies.  According to it, Ukrainian private jets quite often land at the Libyan airport of Misurata, which remains under the control of the Government of National Accord.  In particular, there is recorded evidence of three shipments of the Ukraine-Aeroalliance airline company.

 As you know, Turkey and the UAE support different sides of the conflict.  Therefore, in the case of the civil war in Libya, the main thing is logistics – from these sponsoring countries.  Each side of the armed conflict is critically dependent on the supply of weapons and ammunition, the endless war since 2011 has completely exhausted the Libyan army.

Therefore, it is natural that one of the main tasks of the armed formations is an attempt to block the supply channels through destruction at the airport.  The “Government of National Accord” has Turkish Bayraktar TB2, and the “Libyan National Army” units of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar are Chinese-made Wing Loong (sourced from the UAE).

Of course, Ukraine’s compliance with the requirements of UN Security Council resolution S / RES / 2441 (2018) on the embargo on the supply of arms and military equipment in Libya is mandatory for Ukraine.

At the same time, the reaction of the official authorities of Ukraine regarding the airlines that transport weapons and ammunition to the participants of the conflict is rather ambiguous.  The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine suspended the certificate of the operator of the carrier of the airline “Europe Air” and did not react at all to such actions by “Ukraine-Aeroalliance” and “Skyaviatrans” Airlines. One can guess that this is due either to corruption of Ukrainian officials or to the desire to continue this business further  on the supply of weapons to Libya

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